Acer has recently announced an improved S7 Ultrabook will be hitting the shelves in June. The latest Acer device will feature fourth gen Haswell Intel processors and feature quite a display. The 13.3 inch HD screen will provide resolution at 2,560×1,440. It will also feature the Acer 10 point touch system which has proven to be so popular among Acer enthusiasts. The first gen S7 featured Gorilla Glass and an aluminum case, which is maintained on the all-new S7. The two biggest complaints about the S7 have been addressed. More RAM and increased battery life are two updated features on the new model. After selecting this new ultrabook from the Acer stable of laptops, purchase gadget insurance to protect that new investment.

The new device from Acer was introduced at Computex in Taipei recently with favorable initial reviews. The new S7 has a streamlined look which is reminiscent of the Macbook line. The side of the unit features two USB 3.0 ports, HDMI port, and an SD card reader.

One of the highlights of the new Acer S7 is the processor. It includes an Intel Haswell Core i7-4500 running at 1.8GHz. The battery has also gone through quite an update as it is 34% larger than in the previous model. The model available at Computex able to be put through its paces was the i7, but an i5 will also be able to be purchased.

For those not seeking such power and processor ability included in the new S7, the S3 is quite a viable option. It does not carry the same aesthetic appeal the S7 does, but is similar in exterior design. The S3 is also much heavier than the S7 at 3.63 pounds. The display on the S3 is not quite as sharp compared with the S7, as it has difficulty at large viewing angles.

The 13.3 inch S3 will be available in time for school to start. The colors will include white, red and yellow. The S7 will also hit the shelves in the fall and will carry a price tag similar to the MacBook at $1,299USD. The S7 is considered the Acer flagship for now and its entrance into the market after the first gen S7 is highly anticipated. Sales figures for the new ultrabook will write the true story.

Laptops such as the Acer S7 are now featuring big RAM power and hard drive sizes competitive with desktop units. The laptops being released now have more competition than ever before. Not only are they in direct comparison with other laptops, but now tablets. This ultimately leads to a greater range of devices and choices for all consumers.

The Ultrabook not only opened up doors for users of tablets and laptops, but also made the display more important to the unit than ever before. Accidental damage and theft are unfortunately things which are going to happen. Protect devices such as these with gadget insurance. Nothing else can offer the peace of mind and replacement ability that gadget cover can. It is quite affordable and can be purchased online.–