The HTC One broke new ground when it featured dual speakers and an all-aluminum exterior earlier this year. The company has been gaining ground on many of the big hitters within the market for years. But, with the HTC One, the smartphone takes on a new found role – being able to produce big sound from a little package. The smartphone is set to get an Android update in a few weeks, going from a 4.1.2 Jelly Bean to a 4.2.2. The update will greatly enhance some of the phone’s features and many users of the HTC are surely looking forward to it.

The normal update function of clearing out the bugs from the original Jelly Bean on the HTC One will be carried out, along with some other enhancements. Two of those improvements include making lockscreen widgets available along with keyboard improvements. The update will be made available in about two weeks and will further move the HTC One into alignment with other competitors.

The HTC One is just one of hundreds of devices where the Android platform resides. Android is now the most utilized platform within electronic devices worldwide. There are more than 700,000 apps available for the Android system and that number is growing each month. From tablets to smartphones of all makes and models, Android is covering the globe with devices featuring a simple user interface.

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