Who knew back in 2007 when Apple decided to drop the word computer from its name that we would be here. After the PowerBook, iPod, iPhone and iPad, Apple redefined the usability of personal consumer electronic gadgets and created a subculture like no other. Steve Jobs was the architect for all the new products, and today after the passing of Jobs, Apple remains a company like no other. Many economists have called Apple the strongest brand name across the globe, and there is ample evidence to support that claim. No other company can create such buzz with the next electronic gadget quite like Apple can.

The landscape of electronic gadgets permanently changed back in 1976 when a trio of visionaries sat down and created what would be now called the Apple generation. Back then the ideas by Jobs and his partners were viewed by some as a waste of time and an exercise in futility. Many felt there was no use for a computer in the home. How things have changed. Now, barely a street around the world can be visited without seeing evidence of the inventions that trio developed several decades ago.

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