The Apple brand name is synonymous with creative new design of gadgets and new rollouts at the recent Worldwide Developers Conference confirm that. Apple rolled out some impressive new gadgets and created much needed buzz for the California-based company. Apple is still reeling after Samsung overtook the top spot among smartphone sales earlier this year with their Galaxy line of smartphones. Among the recent unveilings was the latest version of the Mac Pro. Even though this desktop PC will likely never see the busy streets of London, protection whilst it sits in the home office is still a wise choice. Gadget insurance can add protection from theft or accidental damage even though the unit will never leave the house.

The newest Apple Mac Pro has taken on a completely new look. Gone is the boxy, grey, futuristic looking behemoth which sits on the desk and dominates all extra space. The new design is sleek, black and cylindrically shaped. It is one eighth the size of the older unit and is less than ten inches high.

Some of the new features are considered front page news for all the Apple loyalists who have worked with the top shelf desktops. An Intel Xeon E5 processor is at the core of the unit. The E5 supports up to twelve cores. Other features boasted by the new unit include: ECC memory with two times the performance, PCle flash storage, 3.0 USB ports and six Thunderbolt 2 ports. Speed is a staple with Apple products and this unit does not disappoint as the Thunderbolt provides 20 Gbps.

A standard feature of the new Mac Pro is dual GPUs and can readily support a max of three 4K displays. The back panel of the unit has uniqueness as well – it lights up when sensing a person’s movement.

Not many other details have been released regarding the Mac Pro, other than it will be released later this year. Apple has also been quoted as saying there are many new devices in design to be released in the near future.

Apple has become known for its ability to build anticipation throughout the years. This year is no different. It used the WWDC this year to unveil the iOS7 and units like the completely revamped Mac Pro. The world is now holding its collective breath to see Apple’s answer to the iPhone being surpassed in sales by the Samsung line. This should be an interesting battle, and one which should ultimately help the consumer of Apple gadgets.

Whether you are a consumer of everything Apple or non-Apple, electronic gadgets are sensitive, expensive devices which truly need protection from damage and theft. Gadget insurance can fit the need. So many of us leave the house each day believing our gadgets are completely safe from accidental damage and theft. That is exactly when something traumatic happens to our gadgets. Don’t make that mistake. The mistake of thinking our gadgets are not at risk when they are out and about. Gadget cover is able to provide peace of mind which is invaluable. It can be possible for a low monthly rate.–