Smartphones have the ability to do almost anything to make your life more organized and entertaining. You can watch movies, chat via video, play games, read books, watch an online instructional class or video, shop, banking, communicate and pretty much anything else you would want from a gadget. However, you may be missing out on its true potential. Experts believe that many smartphone users choose to switch their phones for a feature of another phone that theirs already had anyway. In fact some have better capabilities than the new one they switched for and they are losing out by not knowing their own phone’s capacity to meet their needs.

Smartphones are already packed full of top technological features, which is what helps to sell them, but few people are actually using those features to their full capacity. For instance, most people are blissfully unaware of the photo, video, and organizational features on their smartphone. They look instead for apps that help them to quickly put pictures out on the Web and lose out on the potential of organizing their photos and downloading them first to a safe and secure file for future use or reference. Rather than using their smartphone’s photo features many users take pictures, load them directly into an app and then load them onto a social site. They view the social site as their own personal photo album. When they choose to save a picture or share it they are limited by having others sign in to a social site to see the photo or trying to figure out how to recapture a now lower grade picture from the site to save it.

By taking the time to learn about the features of a smartphone and using those features to their full capacity a user could get more of their money’s worth. Smartphones have great organizational tools that can be beneficial to everyone from a business owner to a student. There are security features, extensive photo features and video features. There are capabilities to use your smartphone to interact with other gadgets you own and many times without the extra apps that are making the process longer or less fluid.

Smartphone apps can be amazingly helpful but users should become fully educated as to their phone’s abilities in meeting their needs both now and in the future. Once users know their smartphone’s well they will find life is indeed better with them than without them. They become an asset rather than a distraction. For those that know the true value of their smartphone or other gadgets it will make sense to insure against loss, theft and damage. No insurer strives to serve their customers better or faster than Gadget Cover so think of us first. Get your free quote today!–