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Screen typing vs keyboarding typing – which is faster?

Logic might suggest typing on a computer keyboard is much faster than typing on a mobile phone screen. However, reports the Guardian, research has shown that people can now type nearly as fast on a screen as they can on a keyboard. Researchers discovered that people who typed text messages using just one finger managed

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Instagram unveils Threads, a messaging app designed to connect close friends

In an effort to improve connectivity between users, Instagram has launched a shiny new companion app: Threads. Rivalling Snapchat, the messaging platform will allow for more intimate communications between Instagram users, The Verge reports, only allowing content to be shared with those on one’s “close friends” list. Threads has three main functions: a camera

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What are the best phones for photography?

The great thing about many of the smartphones available today is that they double up as quality cameras. Meaning, if you’re a budding photographer or you’re considering taking up the hobby, you can save yourself some serious cash by purchasing a top-level camera smartphone, rather than a camera and mobile phone separately. Not only do

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What are the best gadgets for seniors?

When we’re thinking about gadgets that have been designed to make our lives easier, the list of tech advancements over the past few years really is astounding. From Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Virtual Reality (VR) and the Internet of Things (IoT), technology is moving at a pace even the most tech-savvy of us find difficult

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How you can screen a movie from your phone

It’s likely that the phone you’re carrying in your pocket right now is so much more than ‘just a phone’. With the rise of new platforms and technological innovations, such as personal cinema visors, movie and TV streaming capabilities are now available right from the palm of your hand. Our phones are no longer merely

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Revealed: the most repairable smartphone around

Most devices are almost impossible to repair yourself when something goes wrong. In fact, many manufacturers advise customers not to even attempt it. However, one phone is designed to be as repairable as possible and actively encourages users to give it a go. The Fairphone 3 was recently awarded 10 out of 10 for

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How does the Google Pixel compare to the iPhone?

The Google Pixel and the iPhone have been battling it out for the ‘best mobile’ crown for some time now, and Autumn 2019 sees the launch of the latest iterations of both devices. The Google Pixel 4 and the iPhone 11 (or XI as it’s also known) have been hotly anticipated and promise to surpass

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