Beme – the new kid on the block?

You might have heard of a new thing called ‘Beme‘ (pronounced beam) its a social sharing app that strived for authenticity and showing the real you!

Created by YouTube star Casey Neistat this app sends instant updates to your Beme friends and then they disappear, “this sounds alot like Snapchat” i hear you cry. But worry not fellow app fans… it is different!

“So how is it different??” Calm down, im about to tell you!

The utilises the proximity sensor on your iPhone to know when to record. So, hold it up to a surface and it will automatically take a photo or video and share it before you even know about it. You wont be able to review the picture or video either. This fits into Neistat’s vision of authenticity! No perfecting the pose, no filters just raw realness.

Meet Casey and his Beme App here!

At the moment the app is available on the Apple App Store but not on Google Play… and even if you download it you will still need an ‘Unlock Code’, for the time being! You should be able to find a code however by using your favourite search engine (which we imagine is Google?!) Just pop in ‘your beme unlock code is’ alternatively ask any friends if they have Beme to invite you with a code.

We have had a bit of a play with the app and we are in love with the authenticity ideology and it works well! But in practice, how many times have you reviewed a picture before deciding to post? How many times have you played around with filters to get the right effect? We’d imagine quite a few times, I know I certainly do!

We will probably stick with Snapchat for the time being Casey, sorry! But will give it another go once its on the Play Store and i can let my S6 camera do the talking!