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Best iPhone 11 camera tricks

Heralded as ‘Apple’s top phone for 2019’ by Techradar, the iPhone 11 packs in the majority of the pricier 11 Pro’s first-rate camera technology, making it the perfect pick for photographers on a budget. What better way to enjoy getting snap-happy than to learn some cool new camera tricks? Of course, even ‘affordably priced’ iPhones

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How safe is your mobile phone from spyware?

It’s easy to take mobile security for granted when using your smartphone. Most people will routinely protect a laptop or desktop computer, but not that many people actually protect a mobile device. Those who are not taking adequate steps to protect the security of their phone could find themselves with harmful spyware being installed without

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Should you buy a refurbished phone?

If your bank account can’t stretch to the latest iPhone, buying a refurbished device is a great way to save the pennies and still snap up a relatively modern handset. Apple addicts will be pleased to know that the technology giant has cottoned on to the demand; the brand recently started selling refurbished handsets, alongside

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How to clean your iPhone

Is your iPhone a little dirty? It’s simpler to clean than you think. We’ll show you how to safely clean your iPhone so it’s spic and span, whichever model you own. Regularly cleaning your smartphone helps protect your health and boosts your shiny new device’s longevity. If you’re unlucky enough to spill a cup of

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The best first phones for children

In our digital world, phones seem to be an essential part of everyday life – for children as well as adults. Smart phones have lots of benefits for kids – they can help to keep children safe, deepen their learning, help them to nurture friendships, and, of course, snap selfies! But it’s essential that parents

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9 of the best mindfulness apps

Modern life is busy – so busy in fact that sometimes we forget to take some time out for ourselves and just breathe. The school runs, shopping trips and daily commutes all have to be done but you still have to look after the most important thing – you! Smartphones have become an essential tool

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What are the most popular mobile phone apps for messaging?

Mobile phones have been making it easier for us to contact and connect with one another ever since they were invented. While the first handsets had only call and text functionality, today’s smartphones also keep us connected to what’s going on around the world, thanks to internet access. Smartphones are evolving at a rapid pace,

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