Smartphones have allowed us to take on tasks which once were thought impossible to do so with a mobile phone. They allow us to browse the web, send correspondence through e-mail, Skype each other and take pictures which are out of this world. When smartphones first hit the market, taking high megapixel pics was not even a thought. Pictures were possible by mobile phones, but only as low megapixel snapshots. Shots were possible in highly lit areas, but not even a thought in low-light areas. Now, things are much different. Smartphones have reached a higher tech level and photos taken with those devices have reached an entirely new level.

Smartphones now are taking photos to a level only currently available on most DSLR cameras. High megapixels photos are now a common feature on many smartphones on the market. Now a feature called Drama Shot is making actions shots completely come to life before our eyes. Not only does Drama Shot create pictures which are more unique than ever before, it enables us to take pictures which capture not just moments in time, but practically events. Merging action photos with the same background, but seeing the focus of the photo proceed with the action which was photographed is the point of Drama Shot.

The mode of Drama Shot enables the smartphone to take up to 100 shots in 4 seconds. Software makes it possible to take the shot but make changes to the background landscape in the picture. Manually deciding which background lies beyond the object of the photo is possible as well. Technology which lies within the interior of smartphones such as Drama Shot is not every day high tech. It is quite special and deserves to be protected by cover such as gadget insurance.

Gadget insurance is not new to the industry of electronic gadgets. Gadgets are expensive devices which need to have protection similar to that of other high priced personal possessions we own. If accidents and theft could somehow be predicted, there might not be such a need for gadget cover. But since we live in an imperfect world with nothing being predictable, gadget insurance satisfies a need which can bring peace of mind to anyone taking gadgets out and about. For a small monthly fee, gadget insurance is possible. Don’t wait for a catastrophe to take place before making the wise decision to have all electronic gadgets protected by gadget insurance.

Smartphones are now making it possible to do things once thought not possible with any mobile phone. Tablets are creating new lifestyles as well, but there is something special about such a small device accomplishing so many things. Not only are things like Drama Shot possible, but also all metal exteriors are available and stereo speakers. No one thought it would be possible to bring a smartphone to a party and play a new music video which just came out, on a smartphone. These things are now possible with smartphones and this is just the beginning. Protect these valuable devices with the smartest thing on the market, gadget insurance.