Console games continue to wow us with improved graphics, engaging storylines, and the ability to share the action like never before. Console games have turned the everyday living area within a house into an action-packed arena full of gunfire and extreme racing of all kinds. The next generation of gaming consoles is arriving at retail stores everywhere and they are not short on improving the action. The unique thing about gaming consoles is that they are totally stationary within the home, but that does not excuse them from damage and abuse. Due to all the wear and tear children and young adults place on these units, it might be a wise decision to purchase some protection for them in the form of games console insurance.

The company known as EA, or Electronic Arts has been cranking out highly popular game titles for years and their future appears even brighter. The only limitations they work around are the ability of the game console processing speed, game share ability, and hand held controllers. These parameters are minimal and improve with each new console which is released. The latest new console garnering all the attention is the new Sony Playstation. The PS4 is providing something gamers have been wishing for since gaming started; the ability to share the gaming experience with the touch of a button. The hand controllers with the PS4 have an actual share button to quickly spread streaming gaming videos.

EA is especially excited about the latest PS4 and commented on the new unit recently. EA Chief Technical Officer Rajat Taneja spoke about the new gaming console and explained how it has eight to ten times the power of other units currently on the market.

He said: “At EA we’ve never been more ready for the start of a new console cycle. The console itself is a giant leap for our industry. If you look at it on an aggregate basis, the new consoles are between eight and 10 times more powerful than the current generation. We no longer have to constrain our games or ration memory.”

Taneja added: “The connected sharing capabilities of the new console fits directly with our strategy. It’s part of the trends of that we’ve been embracing of multiplayer gaming, connected gaming, and social gaming. This helps us accelerate those features in our games.”

EA is one of the leaders in the world of console games and they proudly display their game franchises in homes on a global basis. The latest console by Sony is only going to add to their popularity and demand for years to come.

Console games designed by EA and many other gaming producers have little concern over durability when it comes to the integrity of the games themselves. That is an issue when the console itself is considered. With heavy use of the console comes potential damage to the unit. Protect it with a gadget insurance policy or more specifically, a games console policy. For just a few pounds per month the unit can be protected from wear and tear which will come with everyday use.–