The Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone is revving up to be released by the Korean firm on March 14. This release date is quite soon after the release of the previous Samsung smartphone, the Galaxy S3. Phone makers around the world are wasting no time when it comes to newer technology and faster release dates of products featuring the new technology. Samsung is no exception to that industry trend. The one unique aspect about this new release is the technology it is boasting. Samsung is unveiling an eye scrolling feature which is sure to capture the attention of the most critical smartphone users. This device, like all smartphones, will be an investment which deserves the protection of a solid gadget insurance policy.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 will not only include the new eye scroll feature, but also many of the same features which have brought Samsung to the pinnacle of the industry and made it such a popular brand. The popular sharing ability of music and picture files will also be standard for the S4. This feature has completely catapulted Samsung into a class by itself and made it one of the most popular phone handsets world-wide.

The latest eye scrolling feature will assist the phone user when reading text. It will enable the smartphone user to continue to the next page or paragraph of text automatically once the bottom of the page has been reached by the eye of the user. This will make reading text on the phone more of an easy task. Instead of thinking about scrolling down with a finger or pointing device, it will automatically move down to assist the reader with the next page or paragraph.

Samsung is not the only smartphone producer making waves on the scene. Apple continues to be worthy competition as well as Nokia and Blackberry. These companies are dominating the smartphone market and releasing new phones almost every month. As soon as a new model comes out the next updated version of that model is revealed within a short amount of time. This not only makes competition fierce within the industry but also allows the user to take advantage of any and all new benefits the smartphones are offering. It is not uncommon for the same users of the phone to waste no time in replacing the phone they just purchased a few weeks ago with the newest version.

These smartphones are improving as each month passes and users become more and more reliant on them to manage their days and ultimately their lives. It would be wise to consider mobile phone insurance at the same time the handset is purchased. Exposing these high tech devices to possible accidental damage and theft is normal. What could start out as a typical journey to the local coffee shoppe with the phone might end up in disaster without even considering it. These phones are sensitive devices and damage is not just something which can happen in theory. The possibility of losing the service of these devices is real and should be protected by gadget insurance.

Gadget insurance can be purchased for only a few pounds per month and multiple payment options are always available.–