The gold-coloured iPhone 5S is now the most popular phone in the UK,’s Mobile Tracker report has revealed.

iphone 5s gold

The handset boasts fingerprint ID technology and 16GB of storage, and is available for just £37 a month on certain contracts. The impressive list of features and affordable price led to the phone receiving the highest number of sales, pre-orders and live searches of any mobile handset available in the UK, the study found.

However, the gold colour may also be a reason for its success, as the iPhone 5C in green is lagging behind in fifth place in the Mobile Tracker charts, falling behind older model the iPhone 4, which took fourth place, as well as the iPhone 5, which took second. Apple competitor Samsung’s Galaxy S4 took third place, representing one of the best results Samsung has had for months. STranslate, health monitors and prices as low as £25 a month are credited with attracting consumers to the top-spec Galaxy S4.

Samsung and Apple manufacture all the top-selling mobiles, with Sony’s Xperia Z1 only managing to scrape by with tenth place in the list, closely following the HTC One Silver in ninth place. These are great handsets, and while they might not be as popular as Samsung’s and Apple’s devices, they may be available for outright purchase for considerably lower prices.

Although the iPhone 5S in gold might’ve been the most popular handset over October, all could change in the coming months, as manufacturers pull out all the stops to attract the lucrative Christmas market. If you’re planning to buy a smartphone over the coming weeks and months, you should protect your investment with gadget insurance.