How to Take Instagram Worthy Christmas Pics

How to take Instagram-worthy Christmas pics

With the Christmas tree lights, the pudding set on fire and the decorations, the festive period provides many opportunities to take some amazing pictures that you just have to share on social media.

However, low lighting and relatives getting merry are just a few of the factors that can hinder you capturing the perfect picture.

Make sure your festive snaps are Instagram-worthy by following these top photography tips:

Dreaming of a white balance Christmas

While the chances of us enjoying a white Christmas are pretty slim, you can ensure you have a white balance Christmas.

Whether you’re shooting on a digital camera or on your smartphone, unnatural lighting can play havoc with your photos. But there is a way you can offset this.

Take note of the type of lighting you’re shooting in, for example whether it is ‘cool’ or ‘warm’ lighting, and set your white balance accordingly. Of course, you can still add a filter to the perfectly balanced picture you snapped.

Don’t use the flash for low light scenes

There are some instances when using the flash will help you snap great photos in low light. However, sometimes the flash can be too much, resulting in blown out images.

To capture the perfect picture in low light, you need to increase your exposure to allow more light to come through the lens.

To do this you need to switch your settings to manual, increase the ISO, open the aperture (the lower the f-number means the wider the aperture), slow the shutter speed and hold the camera steady to avoid a blurry photo.

Deck your photos with boughs of holly

Not only do Christmas decorations bring some festive cheer to your home, you can also use them to enhance your photos.

Fairy lights don’t just have to go on the tree, they can be great props for your festive snaps. They can help add that sparkle to the background or you can drape them over family members or your pets. Meanwhile, you can create unique group shots by capturing the reflection in a bauble.

Put on your Christmas cracker hat and come up with other imaginative ways to use Christmas decorations to give your photos the wow factor.

Capture the whole day

We wait all year for Christmas Day, and it always seems to fly by. The combination of drinks and excitement (and post-Christmas dinner naps) can also mean memories of the day become a little hazy.

Make sure you remember the day by creating a Christmas Day time-lapse. Set up your camera in a great spot in the room you’ll be spending most of the day in and get it to go off every five minutes throughout the day.

At the end, you’ll have a great series of shots that you can turn into a slideshow and share on social media.

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