Tangled earphone wires have plagued us for years now. How many times have they been stuck into your purse or gym bag in their natural state, and then rediscovered hours later in a jumbled mess. We have all had it happen and we all would be grateful for a solution. The answer to our complaining may have just arrived.

ICoil is the first wire wind up device to hit the market which allows users to wind any ear bud set of headphones around it and make tangling obsolete. The product is plastic and comes in a limited number of colors. The most attractive feature of the product is the fact that any type of ear buds can be used with it. Anti-tangle products come with a set of ear buds which is typically just a generic set. Now, any set of ear buds can remain tangle free and stylish with a choice of color, at the same time.

Ear buds were once the standard for headphones able to be connected to small electronic gadgets. Now, the biggest companies have managed to inject Hi-Fi sound into headphones which are both big and noticeable and small and indiscrete. Sound creation through headphones has come a long way and that higher quality sound is not inexpensive. Headphones range in price from just a few pounds to hundreds.

Headphones are not usually included in our thoughts when we consider electronic gadgets – but they should be. Devices such as these are just as important as the smartphone or tablet that we connect to for our personal listening pleasure. The elements we expose these devices to can be just as harmful as well. Gadget insurance is the most effective way to protect our devices from accidental damage and theft. Gadget cover is affordable and can be automatically withdrawn each month from any bank account.–