iPad Air 3 Rumours

iPad Air 3 rumours

Apple is normally very prompt when it comes to releasing new devices. We’ve now got accustomed to the launch of a new iPhone every September, so many people are wondering when the tech giant will launch the iPad Air 3.

After all, it has been over two years since the iPad Air 2 was launched. It is even more puzzling given how popular the iPad Air was, with the company claiming the Air’s 9.7in model sold over 200 million units.

While Apple is yet to confirm whether it will be adding to its iPad Air range, we’ve taken a look at the latest rumours to see if an iPad Air 3 launch could be happening this year.

Is there even going to be an iPad Air 3?

With the launch of the iPad Pro 9.7 in March last year, commentators began to wonder if the iPad Pro 9.7 was effectively the iPad Air 3. With such a large time gap since the launch of the last iPad Air, people have even begun to question if Apple was only going to be launching iPad Pros from now on.

With Apple needing a new tablet in the £300-£400 price range, many in the industry think it is very unlikely that there won’t be another iPad Air.

When are we likely to see the iPad Air 3?

There were numerous rumours claiming that Apple would be launching the iPad Air 3 in March 2017. The latest reports, however, suggest components for the new iPads are still in a planning stage so it is now predicted that the launch date will be in the second half of the year.

What can we expect from the iPad Air 3?

According to IT Pro, an industry analyst predicts Apple will release three new models of the iPad Air this year, with differing screen sizes: 9.7in, 10in or 10.5in and 12.9in.

The 9.7in model could be Apple’s attempt at a budget device on the lower end of the market while the 10-10.5in model is rumoured to be a “high-end model equipped with a narrow bezel design.”

When it comes to colour options, it is expected that a Rose Gold model could join the original line up of Gold, Silver and Space Grey.

Rumours suggest the iPad Air 3 will support 3D Touch technology on a 4K screen.

How much will it cost?

At launch, the entry level model of the iPad Air has cost around £399 and we’d expect a new iPad Air to cost around the same if Apple provides a 16GB version. If the entry level starts at 32GB, people in the industry estimate it will cost a little over £400.

For now, however, we will just have to wait and see if Apple actually does launch an iPad Air 3.

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