Latest iPhone 7 News

iPhone 7 news

The release of a new console, the latest GoPro camera, or even a new fitness tracker can build a lot of hype. But nothing quite creates as much excitement as the launch of the next iPhone.

The iPhone has been so revolutionary its little wonder that we all wait to see what the next one will hold.

Part of the anticipation is the fact it’s so shrouded in secrecy, but there are always rumours. So, if you can’t wait until the release, here is a roundup of some of the latest iPhone 7 news.

1. Release date

According to IT Pro, the release date of the iPhone 7 looks set to be 16 September and it is thought that it could be accompanied by iPhone 7Plus/Pro. Over the last five years Apple has released its new iPhone in the autumn, with the unveiling of the product generally taking place in the second week of September. The device is thought to go on sale in the UK one week after its launch.

2. Price

The predicted UK price of the iPhone 7, based on the price for the iPhone 6 SIM-free at launch, is from £540. It is believed that Apple will stick to its usual pricing increase of around £80 per storage tier. Again, basing it on the previous prices, the entry-level iPhone 7 Plus is predicted to cost £619.

3. Features

One of the latest reports has unearthed a patent to take better pictures underwater, suggesting future iPhones could be waterproof. Patently reports that one of the 80 patents granted to Apple relates to underwater photography editing tools to colour-balance images taken underwater.

This, along with previous reports of Apple looking to remove the headphone jack, are fuelling reports of a waterproof iPhone. Could it be ready in time for the iPhone 7?

When it comes to its operating system, it is highly likely that it will run on iOS 10, which is currently in beta testing. It has already been announced by Apple that the general release of iOS 10 will take place in the autumn. Generally, the new operating system becomes available to the public at the same time as the latest iPhone family.

The camera is one of the predominant features of Apple’s smartphones and numerous rumours have been circulating over what the iPhone will offer. The reports range from the elimination of the so-called “camera bump”, to dual rear cameras as seen on the Huawei P9, to new telephoto lens technology.

4. Battery life

One of the main bugbears for iPhone users is the battery life. It’s almost certain that the iPhone 7 will feature a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of at least 1715mAh. Rumours suggest the iPhone 7 Plus’s battery could have a capacity of at least 2750mAh, while some reports suggest it could be up to 3100mAh.

A single source speaking to the American magazine, Fast Company, suggested the iPhone 7 may have wireless charging capabilities.

But, as with the release of every new iPhone, we just have to wait and see.

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