For those who thought the new Microsoft Xbox One would be able to function as a game console without the use of the internet, or offline, please read the fine print. So far, the details which have emerged about the next Xbox paint a slightly different picture than the one originally portrayed through the media. The Xbox will need to be connected to the internet at least once a day to receive updates and to check to see if any games have been given to a friend, or resold, or traded in. Other than that the console can be used as a DVD, Blue Ray or gaming console for twenty three hours at a time.

Most of the initial information regarding the new Xbox is true, with the exception of a few important details. Some of the comments therefore are not so positive in nature. The other negative feature highlighted on the Xbox is that with the needed internet connection, Microsoft will be dictating when, where, how and who games will be played.

A bright spot of the new console is that gaming results and any other data will be stored in the cloud. So, data can be accessed anywhere you choose to play on the console.

Game consoles are unique devices. They are locked away safely in our homes, typically stored behind tele sets or off the floor within an entertainment center. Although they are stored within big pieces of furniture or up on a shelf, they are still quite vulnerable to damage or droppage. It is hard to estimate how young children will treat a costly game console, even when told to be careful. When games start being played emotions can get out of control. This can sometimes lead to controllers being tossed across the room out of a poor game time decision.

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