It seems the smartphone war will continue forever. At least Apple and Samsung will duel until the last man, or company, is standing. Since Samsung took the lead this year and outsold Apple during Q1 for smartphone dominance, mobile phone makers are not just upping the number of phones released, but features on those phones as well. There are automatic eye scrolls, and sweeping command controls and 5.5 inch screens. The screens are not only getting bigger, but the processors within these handsets are becoming more powerful as well.

Apple is apparently throwing around the idea of handsets with displays greater than 5.5 inches in size and lower priced handsets which come in multiple colors, according to Reuters. The larger handsets are in direct response to the massive size displays now available on some Samsung devices. And the lower priced handsets are an attempt to capture more market share.

Apple has seen sales of the iPhone 5 downgraded by many economist groups over the past few months and many Apple faithful are awaiting the release of the much anticipated iPhone 5S. The release of the 5S is supposed to take place in the early months of this fall. If the past is any indication, the 5S will not feature any big changes over the iPhone 5 but just some minor updates. One rumored change to the iPhone 5S over the iPhone 5 is the use of fingerprint technology to increase the security of the use of the phone.

Other possible releases from Apple have been thrown out to the public this week in San Francisco, CA at the WWDC. Apple has discussed Apple TV and how it remains just a hobby within the California based company’s plethora of ideas. The company just sold its thirteen millionth Apple TV unit. The interesting part about thirteen million is that half of those have been sold since this past January. Although it is still referred to as a hobby by Apple, the streamer was released back in 2007.

The human wrist has always been a place of interest for Apple. Since Nike released its Fuel performance meter which is worn like a watch, Apple has gotten more serious about an Apple watch. The prototype is quite stylish and has the potential to become a home run if it offers enough bang for the buck.

And of course Apple will be soon releasing the iPad 5. Since taking over the tablet market with the iPad, Apple has been cruising with huge sales of tablets and thousands of apps available. The company is attempting to regain the spot atop the leader board of smartphones and has apparently many ideas to help them get there.

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