ps4Sony has revealed that the PS4 will not feature MP3 playback and will not be able to support Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) streaming at its UK launch on November 29th, although the company is “exploring possibilities” for these to be integrated in the future.

Conversely, Microsoft confirmed to the Penny Arcade Report that the Xbox One – which will be released on November 22nd – will have these features, with the games console set to be a key entertainment centre in user’s living rooms. The competition between Sony and Microsoft will be intense in the coming console wars, and features such as this could be all it takes for the Xbox One to edge out the PS4.

The Xbox One will also be able to connect with different devices, using cloud computing technology and acting as a Play To receiver, so people will be able to stream directly from tablets, laptops or the home computer.

Analysts such as Baird’s Colin Sebastian are currently predicting that the Xbox One will sell more consoles than the PS4 during the launch phase, although with the PS4 selling at £349.99 compared to the Xbox One’s price of £429.99, the battle could be closely fought. Regardless, both Sony and Microsoft are set to sell most of their consoles before Christmas.

It is unlikely that MP3 playback capabilities will see the Xbox One under more television sets than the PS4, and in the long-term, the battle will be won when one of the consoles becomes more established than the other, or when a must-buy game is exclusively sold for one of the devices.

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