Fit_11A_front-left_S_pen_starts8-1_4B115F0DSony has issued a product recall for its Vaio Fit 11A laptop, released in February 2014, amid concerns that the battery could overheat and potentially pose a fire risk.

In a press release, the company asked people who own one of the affected PCs to turn it off, disconnect it from the power supply and cease using it.

It is believed that Sony received three reports of the device’s internal battery leading to “partial burns” to the laptop’s cover, and while there have been no reported injuries yet, the company said that people should stop using the computer for their own personal safety.

Sony said the non-removable batteries were provided to the firm by a “third-party supplier” – reportedly Panasonic. A spokesperson for Panasonic told the Wall Street Journal that the company had provided batteries to Sony through an outsourcing contract, but did not say which other computer companies have used the same batteries.

Fortunately, Sony only shipped around 26,000 affected laptops, with just 7,158 sold to European consumers, so the recall should not cause too much of a headache for the Japanese electronics giant. Previous recalls Sony has been implicated in have been far greater – in 2006, Apple and Dell issued warnings about 4.1 million laptops containing batteries built by Sony, while in 2010, Sony announced it was recalling 535,000 Vaio laptops amid concerns of a problem with the temperature control system.

Nonetheless, despite the small size of the most recent recall, Kazuo Hirai, Sony Chief Executive, described the decision as “agnonising”.

The Vaio Fit 11A is the final product in the Vaio line; in February, Sony said it was going to sell its personal computer business in an attempt to get its finances back on track, and that it is to refocus on its TV subsidiary and become a leading figure in the 4K television market.

People who have any concerns about the recall should contact Sony’s hotline on 0844 8466 555.

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