Sony currently has a slew of new products coming out on the market. The VAIO series of laptops (11 and 13 inch) are a hit with the Haswell Intel processors and touch screens. The laptops are also stylish as the VAIO series features a limited edition model in red. These laptops are priced a little on the hefty side, but Sony traditionalists will appreciate their speed and light weight. Now, beyond laptops comes the next Sony gadget. A 13 inch tablet, which when placed on a flat surface becomes a speedy laptop.

This Sony gadget has three features which will fly high with business types. First, the latest Windows operating system, Windows 8, comes standard on the 13 incher. Next, the progressively designed unit comes standard with a battery boasting 10 plus hours of life. That is roughly two more hours than the standard laptop of today. And last, the device comes with a rear camera which can double as a document scanner. Documents are able to be scanned and then manipulated on the screen to fit squarely up to down and left to right.

Another useful feature for the conference room – the ability to write on the screen using a stylus when in tablet mode. This could come in handy taking notes or writing simple reminders to oneself. The most impressive feature though could be happening when the device is in sleep mode. It boasts a feature called constant connection, which means even in down time it stays connected by downloading all your latest e-mails and uploading applications.

This new Sony gadget is priced at a stout $1,399USD but is packed with attractive features. It will obviously be taken out and about and for that reason needs some protection from all the elements which could cause it harm. Gadget insurance is the most effective way to protect any electronic gadget from theft and accidental damage. Gadget cover can be researched and purchased online in seemingly no time at all.–