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No Shortage of New Apple Products

-It seems the smartphone war will continue forever. At least Apple and Samsung will duel until the last man, or company, is standing. Since Samsung took the lead this year and outsold Apple during Q1 for smartphone dominance, mobile phone makers are not just upping the number of phones released, but features on those phones

Apple to Offer Trade-In Plan in Stores

-Apple users take note. The California based company will be introducing a trade-in plan soon to help Apple customers take advantage of the newest iPhone available. The scheme is intended to help iPhone owners let go of the old and grab hold of the new model, so to speak. Apple will be partnering with Brightstar

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Apple iPhone 5S Release Unknown

-The Apple iPhone has become part of the cultural lexicon like MTV did in the early 80s and the Walkman did not long after that. We are constantly bombarded with news and possible release dates of the next iPhone and it quickly becomes tomorrow’s chat in the office around the water fountain. Not only does

Apple Releasing Two New Devices

-Apple released the iPhone 5 last year with favorable reviews. The phone so far has performed well for its users with few negative remarks at all. Since the fall of 2012, the company has been subject to more competition and declining sales surrounding the iPhone 5. Samsung and their Galaxy line of phones has stepped

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