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New Acer S7 Ultrabook Hits the Market

-Acer has recently announced an improved S7 Ultrabook will be hitting the shelves in June. The latest Acer device will feature fourth gen Haswell Intel processors and feature quite a display. The 13.3 inch HD screen will provide resolution at 2,560x1,440. It will also feature the Acer 10 point touch system which has proven to

Samsung Tab 3 Features Intel Processor

-The latest news from Samsung Electronics Company has revealed that a new version of one of their highly regarded Android tablets will use an Intel Corp processor. In addition to the switch in their chipmaker there was also an announcement that Samsung will be introducing two new tablets. The new tablets are an 8 inch

Google Unveiling Two New Smartphones

-Google has recently made an announcement regarding the unveiling of two new Android phones in the near future. The most startling part of the announcement was the fact that one of the new smartphones will be manufactured in the US. The customized HTC One smartphone will be released officially on June 26 of this year

Sony RX1 Camera Delivers as Promised

-There are DSLR cameras, and then there is the newest Sony camera, the RX1. This latest creation from Sony is geometrically simple, has an outstanding number of megapixels and a huge price tag. It could find a nice home in the camera bag of the amateur photographer all the way up to the well experienced.

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HTC One Could have Quick Follow Ups

-The HTC One could have a couple of follow-up handsets released based on recent rumors which have just surfaced. The company is seeing great success with the latest release, the HTC One. Thanks to its metal shell and dual speakers mounted on the face, it is making quite a run with great sales numbers. The

Apple Earbuds Aim for Comfort

- Headphones allow us to take our music with us and enjoy the sweet sounds without interrupting anyone in the process. Ever since Apple introduced the iPod several years ago, the ear buds have had a place in pop culture. We all recognize the earbuds when we see them out and about, and especially at

New Samsung Laptops Feature Android

-There is no slowdown with Samsung, as they are taking over a big portion of the smartphone market with the Galaxy line of phones. The next big creative development from the Korean company is laptops featuring the Android platform. These new laptops are estimated to be on the market within the next few months. The

Microsoft Unveils New XBox

-Redmond, Washington was the site of yesterday’s big reveal. The latest creation from Microsoft was introduced and will be known as the Xbox One. This unit has been hyped for months now and it appears as though it will be more than worth the investment. As the newest Xbox since 2005, the Xbox One integrates

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Apple iPhone 5S Release Unknown

-The Apple iPhone has become part of the cultural lexicon like MTV did in the early 80s and the Walkman did not long after that. We are constantly bombarded with news and possible release dates of the next iPhone and it quickly becomes tomorrow’s chat in the office around the water fountain. Not only does

Google adds New Service for MP3 Loyalists

-Online music sites have become quite popular over the past few years. Sites like Pandora, Spotify and MOG are now the go to spots for the best streaming music which is downloadable to mp3 players, smartphones and other devices. Google is now adding another streaming music service to compete with all the big favorites. It

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