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Samsung Introduces High End Camera with S4 Zoom

-Smartphones with impressive on-board cameras are now becoming the norm and Nokia has recently set the bar high. The Nokia released a smartphone with what was referred to as high-end technology. Many companies quickly became wide-eyed and started developing their own versions of high-end camera technology. Samsung has achieved that with the Galaxy S4 Zoom

Acer Releasing Liquid ZX Smartphone

-The term smartphone is now embedded as part of the cultural lexicon. These electronic gadgets can now be seen at every coffee and book shoppe. They are making teenagers and other young adults difficult to communicate with due to their addictive nature. Although this compulsion with small electronic devices is nothing new with this age

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No Shortage of New Apple Products

-It seems the smartphone war will continue forever. At least Apple and Samsung will duel until the last man, or company, is standing. Since Samsung took the lead this year and outsold Apple during Q1 for smartphone dominance, mobile phone makers are not just upping the number of phones released, but features on those phones