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Apple Picking a Real Threat

-The Apple brand name has become more popular as the years pass. And Apple products have followed suit, with many of the devices being recognized from a mile away. That is turning out to be quite a misfortune for many owners of the gadgets. Theft of these devices has become so popular that the term

New Samsung Laptops Feature Android

-There is no slowdown with Samsung, as they are taking over a big portion of the smartphone market with the Galaxy line of phones. The next big creative development from the Korean company is laptops featuring the Android platform. These new laptops are estimated to be on the market within the next few months. The

Tips for Successful Drama Shots

- A feature still new to smartphone users is called Drama Shot. It is a mode of camera shooting which allows a picture to catch all the action of the focal point of the shot and maintain the same background, all within the same picture. For example, a dog jumping to catch a tennis ball

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Drama Shot now Possible with Smartphones

-Smartphones have allowed us to take on tasks which once were thought impossible to do so with a mobile phone. They allow us to browse the web, send correspondence through e-mail, Skype each other and take pictures which are out of this world. When smartphones first hit the market, taking high megapixel pics was not

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Game Consoles continue to be Hot Items

-Game consoles have gone completely mainstream. No longer are the coolest video style games played at some public game room. They are now played in our homes. They are played in our dens and living rooms. They are also played by our sons and daughters and maybe not so rare occasions by the parents of

Google adds New Service for MP3 Loyalists

-Online music sites have become quite popular over the past few years. Sites like Pandora, Spotify and MOG are now the go to spots for the best streaming music which is downloadable to mp3 players, smartphones and other devices. Google is now adding another streaming music service to compete with all the big favorites. It

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Tablets Used for Online Purchases Increases

-Tablet and other mobile transactions continue to increase in the UK, creeping towards a milestone usage amount of 20%. Currently, according to online marketing services provider, Rakuten LinkShare, sales in Britain through tablets and other mobile devices are now eclipsing 17% of overall transactions. Data such as this highlights a trend of more use of

Sony Introduces Underwater HD Smartphone

-First there were smartphones capable of sending e-mails, browsing the internet and setting up complex excel files ready for that next presentation. Then came cameras, not just on the face of the handset, but mounted on the back as well for those Skype connections. Next, we were introduced to the HD record feature which really

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Samsung Goal – 5G Network by 2020

-Samsung is setting the pace once again in the high tech, highly competitive arena of electronic gadgets. The Korean company is conducting testing currently on a 5G network which will turn download speeds into milliseconds, according to Yonhap News Agency. The goal of Samsung is to make the 5G network available to a mass audience

Aides Developed for E-reader and Tablets Users

-For those who are searching for a way to battle the aches and pains associated with holding a tablet or e-reader to long, hurt no longer. The firm Ambulant has created a gadget assistant which is designed to hold e-readers and tablets. So far, the only gadget it has designed a holder for is the

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