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Top Ten List of Smartphones Released

-Smartphones can be seen practically everywhere. They seem to have become the quintessential fashion accessory. From young to older, the smartphone has taken its place in today’s culture and will not be leaving anytime soon. The smartphone of today does much more than just make a phone call. It is able to complete tasks which

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Google Glass Could be a Game Changer

-The next big personal computer device is upon us and its name is Google Glass. This personal computing device, which some in the industry is referring to as the game changer, will revolutionize how we interact with ourselves, oddly enough, and each other. Want to share not only a picture but the view of what

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Quality Headphones do Make a Difference

-Headphones bring the music to us on an intimate level matched by few other accessories. Many commuters choose to wear headphones while listening to an MP3 or smartphone device. While the runners and other athletes of today can be seen with headphones on, but more commonly ear buds. Headphones bring music directly into our souls

The Android World We Live In

Users of tablets, smartphones and many cameras are probably unaware they are using an operating system which is common among many gadgets available today. The Android operating system is the platform for many touchscreen devices in use. Originally pegged as an operating system for cameras, the Android operating system is Linux-based. Development of the system

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Apple Releases iPad with Bigger Memory

-Electronic devices have come a long way in a short amount of time and the tablet is a great example of what the future holds. Tablets have replaced many laptops and through the use of Skype many smartphones as well. The advantages of tablets compared to laptops are numerous. First, upon visual inspection of a

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Smartphone Popularity Continues Globally

-The mobile phone war continues as last year marked a significant increase in the amount of usage of the latest and greatest mobile communication device ever developed – the smartphone. Consumers worldwide are keeping the mobile phone manufacturers busy by satisfying their appetites each and every month. Samsung is maintaining a leg up on the

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Five Must Have Camera Apps

-For anyone who enjoys taking photos with an electronic gadget, new apps can bring those snapshots to an entire new level. Camera apps continue to increase the professional look of photos taken by anyone, regardless of the experience with taking pictures. Apps are improving each year and this latest year is no exception. There are

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