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Android Dominating the OS Race

- Mobile phone users have spoken and the majority winner is the Android platform. Since the beginning of 2013 almost three out of every four phones sold runs with the Google owned platform, according to the analyst firm Gartner. This is a marked spike within a year’s time, as last year Android had a stake

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Samsung Goal – 5G Network by 2020

-Samsung is setting the pace once again in the high tech, highly competitive arena of electronic gadgets. The Korean company is conducting testing currently on a 5G network which will turn download speeds into milliseconds, according to Yonhap News Agency. The goal of Samsung is to make the 5G network available to a mass audience

Samsung Raising the Bar with New Camera

-Cameras have become a staple feature on practically all smartphones. The next big step smartphones have taken is mounting a camera on the front of the handset and the back. Users have become accustomed to taking pics with the back of the handset, and Skyping with the front. Smartphones have also raised the standard on

Aides Developed for E-reader and Tablets Users

-For those who are searching for a way to battle the aches and pains associated with holding a tablet or e-reader to long, hurt no longer. The firm Ambulant has created a gadget assistant which is designed to hold e-readers and tablets. So far, the only gadget it has designed a holder for is the

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Android Continues to Increase Market Presence

- The mobile phone market has gone through several big changes over the last decade. One of the biggest is the introduction of the Android operating system. Another is the development of a handset beyond the feature phone known as the smartphone. The smartphone enabled us to do much more than just make a phone

Google Glass Could be a Game Changer

-The next big personal computer device is upon us and its name is Google Glass. This personal computing device, which some in the industry is referring to as the game changer, will revolutionize how we interact with ourselves, oddly enough, and each other. Want to share not only a picture but the view of what

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Quality Headphones do Make a Difference

-Headphones bring the music to us on an intimate level matched by few other accessories. Many commuters choose to wear headphones while listening to an MP3 or smartphone device. While the runners and other athletes of today can be seen with headphones on, but more commonly ear buds. Headphones bring music directly into our souls

Top 3 Tips and Tricks for Windows RT

-The Windows RT platform for tablets has seen success mainly through the Surface model by Microsoft itself. Other big names have tablet models available with the same platform including Samsung, Lenovo, and Dell. But Microsoft and the RT designation have become one and the same in many users eyes. Other big names have possible models

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Apple iPhone Continues Excellent Run

-Apple has had quite a run with the iPhone line of mobile phones. Hitting the market in late 2000s, the iPhone line of gadgets basically introduced the entire planet to multiple functions being performed on a mobile phone. Aside from just a phone call, Apple made it clear that e-mailing, listening to music files, and

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Tom Tom Enters Watch Market

-For those who love electronic gadgets and their sat nav, a new product soon hitting the market will quickly become a must have. Tom Tom, the global go to in the sat nav market for years, is introducing a watch which is making GPS on the wrist possible. These watches are an effort by Tom

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