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Samsung Introduces High End Camera with S4 Zoom

-Smartphones with impressive on-board cameras are now becoming the norm and Nokia has recently set the bar high. The Nokia released a smartphone with what was referred to as high-end technology. Many companies quickly became wide-eyed and started developing their own versions of high-end camera technology. Samsung has achieved that with the Galaxy S4 Zoom

Samsung Galaxy NX is Connected, Mirror-less and Powerful

-The smartphone may have captured a large audience with its photo taking capabilities but there are still many out there that want more in a photographic experience than pointing a smartphone can give no matter how many megapixels it may have. For those looking for the camera in hand experience with the ability to capture

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Are You Using Your Smartphone to Its Potential?

-Smartphones have the ability to do almost anything to make your life more organized and entertaining. You can watch movies, chat via video, play games, read books, watch an online instructional class or video, shop, banking, communicate and pretty much anything else you would want from a gadget. However, you may be missing out on

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Apple Announces Update to Battle Theft of iPhones

-Apple picking continues to be a major problem not just in the UK, but in the US as well. The term has been coined through many highly sought after Apple products being targeted for theft while owners are busy distracted by other things. The thefts typically take place whilst owners are out in the middle

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Google Increases Retail Push of Chromebook

-Laptops are under siege currently by the large number of consumers deciding to go with tablets instead. Last year the statistic regarding tablet sales proved that and indicated quite a shift in global electronic sales. For the first time, tablet sales outnumbered PC sales in the year 2012. And by all indications that trend will

Top Ten Tablet Buying Tips

-Tablets today come with a multitude of options for the everyday buyer to consider. There is a tablet best suited for each person’s individual needs, but sometimes it is difficult to determine which model can best satisfy those needs. The guessing game will only become more difficult as time passes, as more and more manufacturers

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ICoil Keeps Headphone Wires Tangle Free

- Tangled earphone wires have plagued us for years now. How many times have they been stuck into your purse or gym bag in their natural state, and then rediscovered hours later in a jumbled mess. We have all had it happen and we all would be grateful for a solution. The answer to our

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Sony Tablet Slides into a Laptop

-Sony currently has a slew of new products coming out on the market. The VAIO series of laptops (11 and 13 inch) are a hit with the Haswell Intel processors and touch screens. The laptops are also stylish as the VAIO series features a limited edition model in red. These laptops are priced a little

Android Based Devices Focus for Acer

- The day of the “Droidbook” and “Droidtops” may be upon us. At least that is how the Acer Company is viewing the utilization of Google’s Android platform. The company sees great potential in the development of more laptops with Android pushing the system compared with traditional PC-style software capabilities. The Acer Company recently rolled

Tips for Safety with Gadgets on Holiday

-Summer months are upon us. Plans are now in motion to take that special holiday an hour away or across the globe. While most holidays will involve time on land, many travelers will end up on a beach trying to get that perfect tan. With every beach comes water and sand and trouble for gadgets.

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