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Gaming Consoles into the Future

-The console has been through a transition like no other over the past twelve to fifteen years. The Playstation and Xbox planted the seed for what was to come. Then others followed. Developers caught a glimpse of what was possible through the Sony and Microsoft consoles, then within a couple years, the platform would change,

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Gamestick Introduction Planned for GDC 2013

-The biggest conference featuring the pioneers of game development is closer to kicking off in the city of San Francisco. While online passes are still being purchased at an amazing rate for GDC 2013, the first hints about the latest hardware to be introduced later this month are starting to surface. Along with the latest

Sony Looks for Market Dominance with PS4

-Gaming consoles continue to improve and increase the amount of total game engagement all gamers are looking for. Not only are gamers in search of cool storylines and characters, but they are also interested in experiencing graphics which bring a realism to the games. Sony first came out with the Playstation gaming console, which was

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Electronic Arts Enthusiastic About Sony PS4

-Console games continue to wow us with improved graphics, engaging storylines, and the ability to share the action like never before. Console games have turned the everyday living area within a house into an action-packed arena full of gunfire and extreme racing of all kinds. The next generation of gaming consoles is arriving at retail

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Sony PS4 Hitting the Shelves on Feb 20

-The latest game consoles are being released at a faster and faster rate all in an effort to keep up with the competition and the Sony PS4 is no exception. The gaming console is scheduled to officially hit the market on February 20 of this year. The most exciting feature about the latest Sony console

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