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Obama overturns Apple import ban

The bitter patent war between Samsung and Apple has taken a new turn, as the Obama administration has vetoed a ban on some of Apple's biggest models. In June, sales and imports of the iPhone 3GS, iPad 2G, iPad 3G and iPhone 4 were banned in the US, after the International Trade Commission (ITC) ruled

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Twitter Spat Involves Two Heavyweights

-The recent mobile awards not only provided a stage for the winners in various categories, but also showcased a Twitter war of words between two heavyweights in the industry. HTC started the verbal spat when they sent a tweet moments after capturing the award for mobile phone of the year. The HTC One handset won

Samsung Tab 3 Features Intel Processor

-The latest news from Samsung Electronics Company has revealed that a new version of one of their highly regarded Android tablets will use an Intel Corp processor. In addition to the switch in their chipmaker there was also an announcement that Samsung will be introducing two new tablets. The new tablets are an 8 inch

New Samsung Laptops Feature Android

-There is no slowdown with Samsung, as they are taking over a big portion of the smartphone market with the Galaxy line of phones. The next big creative development from the Korean company is laptops featuring the Android platform. These new laptops are estimated to be on the market within the next few months. The

Samsung Goal – 5G Network by 2020

-Samsung is setting the pace once again in the high tech, highly competitive arena of electronic gadgets. The Korean company is conducting testing currently on a 5G network which will turn download speeds into milliseconds, according to Yonhap News Agency. The goal of Samsung is to make the 5G network available to a mass audience

Samsung Raising the Bar with New Camera

-Cameras have become a staple feature on practically all smartphones. The next big step smartphones have taken is mounting a camera on the front of the handset and the back. Users have become accustomed to taking pics with the back of the handset, and Skyping with the front. Smartphones have also raised the standard on

Tablet Sales Booming on a Global Level

-Anyone thinking about purchasing a laptop compared with a tablet device this year could end up being in the minority, according to the latest research numbers gathered by the International Data Corporation (IDC). The number of tablets sold globally is estimated to outnumber the laptops which are sold during the year 2013. Tablets are hot

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Samsung S4 Ready for Market Scrutiny

-Samsung has improved on the improved S3. Believe it or not, the phone which many thought would compete for world domination has been improved, and is known as the S4. The first glance toward the latest Samsung might cause some to do a double-take and make them believe they are seeing an S3. But in

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