The best laptops are powerful, compact, low in weight and offer incredible functionality, allowing people to do everything they could do on a desktop computer while out and about. With the UK seeing the best weather it is likely to see all year, now is a great time for gadget lovers to invest in a laptop, allowing them to complete work, communicate with people and play video games in the glorious sunshine.


But what are the best laptops available nowadays? While everyone will have their favourites, we at Gadget Cover think these are some of the greatest laptops and notebooks on the market at the moment.

1-      Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon

Offering a durable design and a long battery life, the Thinkpad is a great ultraportable notebook designed specifically for businesses.

2-      HP Envy X2

The powerful and stylish Envy X2 looks like a laptop, but the screen can be removed so it can also be used as a tablet.

3-      Samsung Series 3 Chromebook

As one of the cheapest laptops on our list, the Chromebook is designed for people on a budget. It was created to use Google Chrome and other web apps and does not run a traditional operating system.

4-      Apple Macbook Air 13-inch

The latest model of the Macbook Air offers 9 hours of battery life and an Intel Core i5 processor.

5-      Dell Latitude 3330

The Latitude 3330 offers a huge range of functions at great value for money.

6-      Lenovo Ideapad S405

While the battery life on the S405 could be better, it is lightweight, relatively powerful and reasonably priced.

7-      Samsung Chromebook Series 3

At a low price and a light weight, the Chromebook offers a speedy web experience, with a powerful processor making the gadget highly functional.

8-      Sony Vaio Duo 11

Combining a laptop and a tablet, this powerful Vaio is aimed at professionals, with a stylus pen accommodating creative workers.

9-      Alienware 17

Finding laptops powerful enough to play computer games can be a challenge, but the Alienware 17 is perfect for gamers.

10-   Gigabyte U2242F

Another laptop perfect for gamers, the Gigabyte U2242F is impressively light for such a high-performance machine.

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