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It’s a well-known fact that the stylish Apple watch complements the Apple iPhone. However, it can also be used as a standalone device which can perform several functions that we are sure will be useful to you at some point!

1. Life saver:

In distressing situations when the iPhone is completely disconnected, the user can continue to send and receive emails and messages, create reminders and use other apps like weather forecasts if the Apple watch is still connected to a known wireless network.

Apple Watch has a secret ‘killer feature’ – and it’s a real lifesaver

2. Fitness Monitor:

You can use the Apple watch to calculate the active calories used during physical activities and exercises like cycling, jogging or running on a treadmill. You can even see how many calories you’re burning when you’re resting.  With future upgrades on the horizon, it might also be possible to measure the oxygen level present in the blood.

Sit less. Move more. Get some exercise with the Apple Watch

3. Image Capture through Interfacing with iPhone:

There is no camera feature in the Apple Watch (boooo!) but users can download and use the ‘Camera’ app in the watch and connect it to the iPhone. Using the iPhone’s camera the user can see the image preview on the watch screen and capture the image by using the central button on the watch. Say Cheese!

Image Capture from the Photos App on your iPhone on your Apple Watch

4. Sending Haptic Feedback using Digital Touch:

Apple watch users can use the built-in heart sensor at the back of the watch to capture and share the heartbeat with others wearing the Apple watch. You can begin by activating the friend list by using the side button of the watch and then selecting the recipient using the Digital Crown and send a little sketch or a heartbeat.

Kind of like instant messaging for hearts!


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5. Home device Control:

Another use of the Apple watch is remotely controlling a range of smart home devices, also called ‘The Internet of Things’. The devices that are controllable using the iPhone app can be operated with just one touch on the watch.

The Apple Watch app is now compatible with the Phillips Hue and Elgato Avea lighting devices and can control the tone or mood without using any other remote controlling devices.

Image5_Home Control Decive


Have you found any other unusual uses for the Apple Watch? Let us know!

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