Tablets are now considered the go-to small electronic gadget for almost any application. Does an e-mail need to be sent? Seek out a tablet. Does a business presentation need to be constructed with graphs and massive amounts of data? Seek out a tablet. Where the laptop is a cumbersome, heavy device requiring minutes to warm up and reach the site for creative genius, a tablet can be up and running in seconds. Tablets are now sought out when a situation of must-have-it-now arises.

Recently, a popular website published their list of the top three Android tablets available on the market today for those who are looking outside the Apple box. The site listed them in this order:

Google Nexus 7 – This tablet was described as being powerful enough to handle big jobs, but small enough to carry around in a jacket pocket. It runs with the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean and features ten hour battery life.

Google Nexus 10 – This tablet is the larger size sibling to the Nexus 7. It features a stronger camera combination, both front facing and rear. Also, the battery life is an improvement over the Nexus 7 at eleven hours.

Ainol Novo 7 Venus – This tablet comes from a lesser known brand name, but offers some nice features. The Android processor is 4.1 Jelly Bean but it is compatible with 4.2. The price is quite appealing at less than $130USD.

These three tablets all run on the Android platform and are affordable in comparison to other tablets of the same caliber. They are also subject to the same threats as all other gadgets – theft and accidental damage. A simple defense against such threats is gadget insurance. It is quite affordable and can be purchased online.

Don’t leave important gadgets to chance. And don’t think that theft and damage only happens to everyone else’s gadgets. Arm yourself with gadget cover as soon as possible.