The Android platform has become a global leader, being installed in more and more electronic gadgets each month. While the iOS and Microsoft platforms are constantly making it a three operating system race, Android has made the term apps a household word. Google introduced Android to smartphones and tablet devices several years ago and have never looked back. Android became popular based on its user friendly ability to interface with any gadget it resides in.

Apps have made working with electronic gadgets quite simple. Instead of software, apps enable the user to work on devices and complete tasks similar to those where only software typically could assist. New apps are constantly being created and giving Android users more options as each week passes.

Recently, compiled a list of the top ten apps available as of May.

1. Fruit Ninja – Slash fruit with as much speed and accuracy as possible

2. Pulse News – Read customized news stories quickly and easily

3. Pandora Internet Radio – Listen to only the music you want when you want

4. Vault-Hide SMS, Pics – Place videos and pics in a personal, encrypted spot

5. – Keep personal finances organized

6. Instant Heart Rate Monitor – Keep a close eye on your heart rate anytime

7. MP3 InCall Recorder and Voice – Record calls in an instant

8. ESPN ScoreCenter – Track the scores of your favorite teams

9. AVG Memory and Cache Cleaner – Clean up some space on your Android

10. Ninja SMS – Reply to messages in seconds

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