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Get mobile phone insurance you can trust for as little as £1.49 per month.

Congratulations. You are the proud owner of a mobile phone that you just can’t do without. Get peace of mind – insure it with us at Gadget Cover and benefit from our 18 plus years of insurance experience.

You'll be covered for:

  • Theft
  • Accidental Damage
  • Liquid Damage
  • Breakdown
  • Unauthorised Calls
  • Malicious Damage
  • International Cover
  • 48hr Claim Processing
  • Flexible Payments
      (annual or monthly)


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Plus, you get with your mobile insurance:




Benefit from our experience

You’re in good hands. For over 18 years we have provided cover for mobile phones and gadgets of all kinds. With the number of increasingly expensive mobile phones now on the market, more and more people - like you - are seeing the benefits of using our services. After all, if you drop your costly phone in the toilet, do you really want to have to pay more money for a new one?

Trust in our service

You’ll be at ease to know that we are regulated by the FCA, which is the independent body responsible for regulating the UK's financial services industry.

Join our 500,000 plus, UK customers who have cheap and reliable insurance for their mobile phones.

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Get your mobile phone insurance, now, and we will give you 1 month free. You’ll also get flexible payment options, giving you the choice to pay either monthly or annually, whatever suits your needs.

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Simply choose the item you want to insure, input the make and model, select the value and we’ll give you our best quote.

We understand how inconvenient and annoying it can be to lose your mobile phone or damage it somehow. That’s why we try and make our claims procedure as quick and as friendly as possible. Give us a try - get your quote, now.

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    You are covered for:
  • Theft
  • Damage
  • Unauthorised calls
  • Family cover
  • Worldwide cover
  • Loss (optional)

  • Additional benefits:
  • Unlimited claims
  • Accessories cover
  • No-claims Bonus

  • Service:
  • Flexible payment dates
  • UK based customer support

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