10 essential iOS 10 tips and tricks

10 essential iOS 10 tips and tricks

iOS 10 might have been with us since September, but chances are you’re not using Apple’s latest software update to its full advantage.

Apple updates its operating system to ensure iPhone and iPad users are provided with new features, app updates and enhanced functionality to make Apple products even more efficient and easy to use.

To make sure you’re getting the most out of iOS 10, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 essential tips and tricks you can use to make your life that bit easier:

Use Siri in WhatsApp

Siri might not be new to iOS 10 but there’s no denying that Apple’s assistant has improved a lot in the latest update.

You can ask Siri to send messages to specific contacts or make calls in WhatsApp by asking Siri something like “Send a message to Oliver on WhatsApp saying I’ll be 10 minutes late”.

Swipe left to access camera

Some of the best new features are small. With iOS 10 you can access your camera from the lock screen much quicker by swiping from anywhere on the screen from right to the left.

Raise to wake

The latest OS update makes it easier for users to see their notifications by simply making the screen come to life when they pick up their iPhone. If you haven’t done it already, go to Settings > Display & Brightness and toggle on Raise to Wake.

Rest finger to open

Instead of pressing the Home button to unlock your iPhone or iPad, you can lightly rest your fingertip there. Simply open Settings > General > Accessibility > Home Button and tap Rest Finger to Open.

Easily clear notifications

If your iPhone has 3D Touch, you can easily clear your build-up of notifications by tapping and holding the X at the top and selecting “Clear All Notifications”. This can also work on iPhones without 3D Touch but you will have to delete items by day instead of by app.

Search your photos

Photos now use artificial intelligence so you can easily search your photos by location or name, such as searching ‘Paris’, instead of scrolling through.

Parked car reminders

Forgetting where you’ve parked your car can be a nightmare but iOS 10 brings the parked car feature.

After disconnecting from CarPlay or from automatic Bluetooth systems, tapping the notification will bring up a map directing you to your car. You can even add notes, such as “parked on Level 3”.

Replace words with emojis

iOS 10 makes it easier to find emojis. Simply write the text, tap the emoji key to highlight suitable words for replacement, and tap any coloured word to replace it.

Universal clipboard

If you use multiple Apple devices, iOS 10 makes it easier to share content by allowing you to copy and paste across devices. Simply copy text or images on one device and paste on the other device. The clipboard will be shared for two minutes.

Emergency Bypass

Do Not Disturb is great but there are some contacts you never want to ignore. You can now compromise by editing a person’s card in Contacts, tapping the Ringtone or Text Tone row, then turning on Emergency Bypass. You can set this differently for texts and calls.

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