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20 most followed accounts on Instagram

Instagram is a global giant, boasting roughly one billion active users on a monthly basis. So, you might be curious to know who the most followed accounts on the platform belong to.

Many of us are self-confessed Insta addicts, and some of us even use it to make a living. A digital art gallery for the most stunning, envy inducing snaps; it’s hard to keep up with the competition when posting on Instagram.

As a result, we tend to bring our phones everywhere, taking them out for photoshoots come rain or shine. We bring our devices on shopping trips and holidays, on hikes and to the beach – we even aim for the ultimate snaps out at sea.

It’s clear, then: dependable mobile phone insurance is a must-have.

These sorts of activities increase your phone’s exposure to the risk of accidental damage, drops, cracks, loss and theft.

Smartphones don’t come cheap, so if and when they break or go missing, owners can be left significantly out of pocket.

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The world of Instagram changes on a daily basis, but certain celebs and brands remain ever-popular. Take a look at the 20 most followed accounts – some might surprise you!

Which accounts have the biggest followings on Instagram?

It’s understandable that the majority of Insta’s most popular accounts belong to celebrities, from footballers to singers – however, there are a few wildcards. Let’s start the countdown at position number 20!

  1. Katy Perry

Followers: 86m

Singing sensation Katy Perry is the proud owner of the 20th most popular Instagram account – she also has one of the largest followings on Twitter.

Fans flock to her Instagram for glitzy footage from her colourful music videos and snaps of glamourous events, along with more candid, natural selfies and snippets of the star’s personal life.

The singer changes her hair, nails and style on a seemingly daily basis, so there’s always plenty to feast your eyes on when you visit her account.

  1. Nike

Followers: 95m

Sports giant Nike understood the powerful sway of social media early on. Their account is masterfully run, chock-a-block with stunning visual content users can’t get enough of, from photos to videos, as well as links to their IGTV output.

Few brands feature in the top 20 Instagram accounts, but it’s clear why Nike made the cut: the brand stands out from the masses with its polished posts and distinctive theme.

Head over to Nike’s Instagram for pictures of drool-worthy trainers and plenty of cool, A-list endorsements.


  1. Khloé Kardashian

Followers: 100m

An Insta-related article wouldn’t be complete without at least one mention of a Kardashian.

The first (but definitely not the last) Kardashian to feature on this list, Khloé has the 18th most-followed Instagram account, boasting 100m followers.

An incredibly shrewd group of businesswomen, the Kardashian clan have built an empire out of the ‘tell-all’ elements of reality TV and social media.

Khloe regularly posts about her business pursuits, personal life and daily happenings on her profile – and her fans can’t get enough.

  1. Miley Cyrus

Followers: 101m

Merging fans from her days as Hannah Montana with admirers of her wildly successful pop career, this child actor turned global superstar has a 101m strong band of followers on the platform.

Miley is a big fan of selfies, posting them often – she also publishes pictures from star-studded events and photo shoots. Her godmother is Dolly Parton and she counts some of the world’s most famous celebs as close friends, so it’s never a dull day on this Insta account.

  1. Jennifer Lopez

Followers: 105m

The ultra-glam JLo gives her 105m followers the chance to enjoy a little taste of the A-list life on Instagram, sharing juicy behind-the-scenes shots, videos and personal pictures.

The star brings Hollywood events to life in her Story Highlights – she’s even created some popular hashtags.

There’s plenty of music promotion, too, so if you’re wondering when her next album is going to drop, keep on checking that Insta page.

Nicki Minaj

Followers: 107m

Nicki Minaj’s Instagram is everything you’d expect: a universe full of brightly coloured wigs, bold fashion, pouting and many a famous cameo.

The musician posts tons of snaps from events, tours and personal moments – she even throws in a few of her devoted fans, from time to time.

  1. Kendall Jenner

Followers: 118m

As promised, another Kardashian!

118m fans (alongside journalists and generally curious members of the public) follow Kendall, a successful model and social media stalwart.

Her account features shots of one luxurious holiday after the next, along with pictures of her strutting down catwalks and posing for glossy photo shoots.

She also treats fans to plenty of personal snaps taken with her famous friends and family.

  1. Justin Bieber

Followers: 121m

Justin Bieber’s Instagram is a little more playful than most. While the world-famous pop star does feature intermittently on his feed, he includes just as many humorous snaps (who could forget that pregnancy prank?) alongside photos of everything from tattoos to shoes, and plenty of famous pals.

After skyrocketing to stardom during childhood, it seems the Biebs prefers to use his Insta to let loose a little and entertain fans, showing them little snippets of his daily reality.

  1. Taylor Swift

Followers: 122m

A relatively outspoken celebrity, Taylor Swift may have the most popular Twitter profile, but she hasn’t quite reached Instagram’s top 10 – a similar predicament to that of Katy Perry.

However, fans of the country/pop singer still flock to her Insta for everything Taylor.

The star posts here frequently: Story Highlights, personal posts, promotional material, stunning snaps of her performances and many a selfie pop up all the time.


  1. National Geographic

Followers: 126m

National Geographic is the second brand to rank among the top 20 Instagram accounts.

The nature mag is all about visually striking imagery from around the world, so it makes sense it should have such an avid following on Instagram, the most photo-centric platform.

The profile shows off beautiful snaps from the magazine’s talented group of photographers, so even after the latest David Attenborough doc finishes up, fans have plenty of exquisite images of the natural world to soak up online.

  1. Neymar

Followers: 128m

The biggest fan bases tend to form around sports and entertainment stars, so it’s only natural that Neymar, PSG’s current forward, should feature in the Insta top 10.

Hardcore sports fans can enjoy shots of Neymar playing footie, hobnobbing with other famous types and living the kind of life expected of a global football superstar.

  1. Beyoncé

Followers: 134m

There was no way Queen Bey wouldn’t make the top 10 cut. The hugely successful singer has a massive fan base, not to mention her incredible creative team working behind the scenes.

The slew of beautifully staged shots of the performer’s shows and professional work are more than enough to satisfy fans, but Beyoncé often goes one better, adding personal posts such as her recent pregnancy announcement – one of Insta’s most-liked posts.

  1. Lionel Messi

Followers: 136m

At number eight we have another famous football star, Lionel Messi, captain of both the Argentinian national team and Barcelona FC.

His Insta is full of snaps of family and footie, allowing fans to see both personal and professional sides of Messi’s life – with a dose of stardust, of course.

  1. Kylie Jenner

Followers: 151m

In a single post, Kylie Jenner can send her 151m followers into a buying frenzy, whether she’s promoting a new product in her makeup range or simply singing the praises of a skincare product she’s sampled.

Her Instagram focuses on her business pursuits and personal life, including shots of the social media star at sparkling events, plus plenty of baby snaps.

Her posts often top the Insta charts for the most likes, so to say she’s a powerful influencer is somewhat of an understatement.

  1. Kim Kardashian

Followers: 151m

The last (but definitely not the least famous) Kardashian on our list, not a day goes by without Kim being mentioned in the press.

Her account includes a ton of photos depicting her opulent lifestyle, along with modelling shots and glimpses of her personal life, including husband Kanye West.

  1. Selena Gomez

Followers: 161m

Famous actor and musician Selena Gomez sits at number five on our list, outdoing friend Taylor Swift and ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber.

Her account treats fans to many a selfie, along with shots of the star with her celebrity friends, at events and, occasionally, some political commentary, too.

  1. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

Followers: 161m

Probably better known as a Hollywood actor than WWE star, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson cruises in at number four, with 161m followers.

Fans won’t be surprised to find many snaps of the famously ripped celeb working at the gym, alongside loads of cool on-set pictures and personal posts.

  1. Ariana Grande

Followers: 167m

The most-followed female on Instagram, global pop sensation Ariana Grande makes it to number three on our chart.

Known for her catchy tunes and distinctive look, she’s attracted legions of fans over recent years. The singer’s feed features shots of her with famous friends, performing and generally living the glitzy life of a superstar.

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo

Followers: 189m

Football legend Ronaldo takes the crown as most followed person on Instagram.

Captain of Portugal’s national team and forward for Juventus, he’s globally celebrated for his jaw-dropping skills on the pitch.

Of course, his feed includes pictures of the star playing the beautiful game, along with family photos and snaps of his oh-so-decadent lifestyle.


Followers: 316m

It’s only right that the most-followed account on Instagram is… Instagram!

With over 300m followers, no one else comes close to Insta’s popularity. The feed showcases the most interesting trends, people and developments on the platform. In a clever move, the profile also promotes Instagram’s homegrown IGTV.

Should I use Instagram?


Whether you use it for business or pleasure, Instagram enables users to join a fun, vibrant community, spread all over the globe.

It’s a fundamentally visual platform, centred on photo-sharing, so it’s the ideal spot to post your holiday snaps for friends and family to see.

In the pursuit of the most impressive mountain top/seaside shot, many of us have watched in horror as our expensive smartphones plummet into the ocean.

It’s great fun to take pictures on the go, posting them to your Insta feed. However, it’s essential to cover your costly gadget with reliable mobile phone insurance before you head out into the big, wide world for a photoshoot.

You might use Instagram for business, photographing your products or promoting other brands’ products.

Many Instagrammers use the platform to generate profits, with more and more entrepreneurs conducting business from their smartphones; if you’re one of these people, this is yet another reason to make sure your device is protected with specialist mobile phone insurance.

Protecting your phone

No matter what purpose your phone serves, it was likely to have been a significant investment. While the latest smartphones mean better cameras and more impressive features, they’re expensive.

There’s no reason you shouldn’t take your gadget out and about with you, snapping away to your heart’s content, but there’s no denying that this increases the level of risk your phone is exposed to.

You could forget to pick up your phone when leaving a public place, or thieves could target your device due to its hefty price tag – you may even drop it in the bath or on the pavement.

Gadget Cover’s mobile phone insurance is dependable, covering:

  • Unauthorised usage
  • Theft
  • Accessories
  • Worldwide cover
  • Accidental damage
  • Liquid damage
  • Loss
  • Breakdown
  • E-wallet cover
  • Family cover

Our policies include unlimited claims and low excess fees, perfect for those looking for specialist protection at a competitive price.

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