5 things we want most from the new MacBook Pro

5 things we want most from the new MacBook Pro

The hype around the soon to be released MacBook Pro is starting to gather pace extremely quickly. Many inside experts are now predicting that the MacBook Pro 2016 will be released at WWDC (The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference) that takes place from June 13-17 in San Francisco.

With the ‘Buyers Guide’ on macrumours.com showing as ‘Don’t Buy’, then surely we must be getting close to a new Apple portable product launch.

This is an extremely important update to ‘Apple’s most powerful portable machines’ and today we’re discussing what 5 things we want most from the new MacBook Pro.

1. Processor

Lenovo, Dell, and HP laptops have already jumped on the last generation of Intel chips, called Skylake.

Apple is also expected to revive its MacBook and release a second generation Retina Model with Skylake Core M processors and Thunderbolt 3 with USB-C. The new chips can improve graphics, increase CPU performance by 10 to 20 percent, and power the computer for up to 10 hours.

2. Battery Life

As with all portable device these days the main focuses are processor powers and battery life. It has been reported that the MacBook Pro 13-inch would run for 10 hours if fully-charged. On the other hand, the MacBook Pro 15-inch can survive up to 9 hours between charges. Aside from this, the two laptops allow for a 12-hour and 9-hour movie playback respectively.

3. Force Touch Keyboard

Apple’s Force Touch track pads eliminated some moving parts from the MacBook, and ‘Force Touch Keyboards’ may be the next component to come to the company’s next line of iMacs and MacBook’s.

Apple recently published a patent which describes a new “force-sensitive input structure for electronic devices.” Principally, it’s a flat metal surface with sensors underneath that can tell where you’re pressing and how hard.

Now comes the cool part, the ‘Force Touch Keyboards’ layout could also be easily optimized and reconfigured to match whatever you’re doing, whether that’s gaming, coding or writing.

4. Touch ID

This is really a long shot for now but with all of Apples latest line of portable devices (iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini 3/4 iPhone 5S, 6, 6Plus, 6S, 6S Plus and SE to name a few) now including ‘Touch ID’, why not include the MacBook Pro.

The Touch ID wouldn’t be just for unlocking you device but it would also let you use Apple Pay at over two million stores and within apps (in a similar way to the Touch ID on the portable devices).

5. Siri

Siri, Apple’s voice-activated personal assistant feature, has been expected to make an appearance in OS X for some time. Sources now have revealed that Siri, Apple’s intelligent virtual assistant, will come to join the MAC entourage this summer. It will be part of the headline feature of Mac OS X 10.12 update, set to be revealed at WWDC in June 2016.

Some reports suggest that Siri, on the Mac, will be controlled via an icon located in the menu bar at the top of the screen. Our verdict is that it will be controlled by switching on voice control (although MacBooks running of their battery supply won’t be able to use this feature).


So there’s our ‘5 things we want most from the new MacBook Pro’. Whether they all appear on it or not this is going to be another fantastic product that will no doubt turn a few heads.

So what are your views?