5 tips and tricks for your Galaxy S8


5 tips and tricks for your Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 was arguably the most anticipated Android phone launch of 2017. Along with its vast, 5.8-inch near edge-to-edge screen and exquisite 12MP camera, the phone boasts a whole heap of enviable features just begging to be explored.

If you’ve treated yourself to this sophisticated smartphone or are considering making the move, the team at TechRadar recently shared some tips and tricks worth knowing when using the device. Here are the top five:

1. Use the fingerprint scanner to access Notifications tab

The S8 has a whole lotta screen, meaning that some users might not be able to comfortably reach the top of it with the phone in one hand. However, that doesn’t mean the Notifications tab can’t be reached; by enabling gesture controls on the rear-mounted scanner, you can simply pull down the tab by swiping down on the sensor. To activate, go to Settings > Advanced Features > Finger sensor gestures and switch on.

2. Take advantage of split screen multitasking

Imagine if you could read a recipe while searching for ingredients at the same time? Well, with the S8, you can imagine no more! The phone allows you to run two apps side by side, although certain apps don’t function fully in this mode. Activation requires you to tap the ‘Recents’ button on the soft keys at the bottom of the screen – then, hitting the multitasking tab on apps that are already open will open them in a compressed, half screen.

3. Make the most of Bixby AI assistant

Bixby is the S8’s advanced AI assistant that responds to touch, text and voice and can help you to make the very most out of your device. It performs an abundance of functions, from searching for items you’ve seen in images on the web, to setting up calendar events and sending location-based reminders – for instance, giving you a nudge that you need to put the washing out when you get home.

4. Save heaps of battery life

One obvious consequence of cranking up the screen to full power is that it drains battery quicker than you can say “charge me.” To combat this, the phone has multiple modes for power that will enable you to switch the device to suit what you’re doing. While ‘High Performance’ will max out all of the phone’s components, ‘Game’ and ‘Entertainment’ will change the processor power to provide just what you need for what you’re doing. You can tweak this in the Device Maintenance section of Settings, under Performance Mode.

5. Turn it into a desktop

The power and potential of the Galaxy S8 far exceeds that of many computers manufactured just a few years back. In light of this, Samsung has developed DeX; a small, puck-shaped object that can transform the S8 into a PC-like device with a simple click. DeX is fitted with USB ports for a mouse, keyboard and flash drives, and outputs to a screen. All of this means that you can use your phone in the same way as a computer – but it will cost you an additional £100 for the privilege.

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