UK-airwaves-2The future might see a huge number of connected devices putting strain on our communication networks. Recent years have witnessed a huge explosion in the use of smartphones and wireless devices, but the coming decade could see houses, cars, energy infrastructures, clothes and nearly everything you can imagine communicating with each other.

Our current 4G networks offer a huge amount of connectivity now, but they won’t be able to cope with this data load, and a ‘capacity crunch’ could strike. But its successor, 5G, looks set to be able to handle the demand.

According to the European Commission’s 5G Public-Private Partnership‘s roadmap, 5G will be 1,000 times faster than connections were in 2010, with a wider variety of service capabilities, and with energy savings of as much as 90% per service. Capacity will potentially see a more than ten-fold increase, the organisation says.

Currently, wireless devices use two different frequencies to prevent interference between their transmission and reception components, but if these parts could be isolated, then the available spectrum would double. The body is commissioning research into this area.

The partnership predicts that 5G infrastructure will be in place in ten years’ time, and there will be converging capabilities for fixed and mobile devices, and more than seven billion people will be able to connect more than seven trillion wireless devices.

The partnership foresees an internet with no perceived downtime, which would be available ubiquitously across Europe and would cut the price of connection considerably. This would open the door for the growth of markets such as e-learning, intelligent transport, smart cities, e-health and the entertainment and media sectors. People will be able to connect with each other and various other items wherever they are, at the same time if required.

Privacy won’t be an issue, either; there will be advanced, user-controlled security settings, with robust but lightweight authentication networks making it possible for people to use their gadgets in confidence.

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