Acer computers have earned their spot in the tremendously competitive world of computer hardware choices. A global company, Acer has increased its market share for several years running now and this year seems to be no exception. The latest addition to the strong stable of laptops under the Acer brand name is the Aspire S7. It is being launched with a slick silver finish and backlit keyboard which is bright as a Christmas ornament. The S7 carries an impressive processor and high def screen. As with any laptop, it is a wise idea to consider gadget insurance for this item at the time of purchase. Nothing else protects small electronic devices better against accidental damage and

Acer is launching the Aspire S7 at just 11.9mm thick and with a weight of 1.3kg. The small size and light weight will be quite a blessing for many who are sliding this laptop into a backpack along with other items. Don’t let the small size fool you though. This Acer model zips along in pace thanks to a processor which is one of the latest to hit the market. The S7 runs with the third generation Intel core i7 at the helm. The only complaint heard thus far is the amount of RAM on board. At 4GB it lacks in size compared to many of its competitors. For the price of 1,500 pounds many expected at least 6GB of RAM to be part of the spec sheet. Many even have mentioned that for the price the model should contain at least 8GB of RAM.

The S7 is the follow up model to the S3 which came out two years ago. Since the development of Windows 8 many laptops have advanced to include touchscreens and the S7 is no exception. The screen on the S7 has received high marks from many who have taken it for a test drive, noting the size of the screen and overall design of the outer shell make it simple to maneuver. Compared to a tablet it is receiving high praise due to its light weight. The Intel processor kicks along at 1.9 MHz making it one of the faster models on the market. With that kind of speed a laptop insurance policy will surely need to be researched for better protection.

Laptop insurance is the basic method of gaining more peace of mind when thinking of protecting the big investment of a laptop computer. They are anything but cheap and have become more mobile than ever. As more public establishments add free Wi-Fi to their everyday list of features to entice more foot traffic, laptops will only grow in number out in public.

Laptop insurance is the most effective form of protection against theft and accidental damage. Along with many other small electronic devices, the laptop is a huge investment. Prices for these items are often more than 1,000 pounds. A good reliable cover is a wise choice based on how many functions laptops enable us to carry out now away from the business office. For just a few pounds per month laptop insurance can become part of the arsenal used to protect important valuable devices.–