HTC turned many heads recently with the release of a smartphone with an all-aluminum chassis and speakers which were mounted on the front of the phone face. The dual phone system is now basically a stereo system featuring sound coming out of two forward facing speakers. This will serve any user quite well when viewing music videos or simply listening to music. The HTC one also features an aluminum body which will provide more protection than the average smartphone. Protection from dropping the phone is provided by an aluminum body exterior, but what about damage which could occur from drops or the phone possibly being stolen? These types of protection can be provided by reliable gadget insurance. Cover like gadget insurance is always a wise purchase.

Beyond an aluminum exterior, the HTC One also features quite a powerful camera. But the dual front facing speakers has everyone talking about the Taiwanese company. Another reason the digital world could be abuzz is the information which has recently leaked regarding the possibility of the dual speaker system being offered on a more affordable model. The leak suggests the dual speaker system could be standard on the latest creation which has yet to be announced, the 608t. Similar to the HTC One SV as opposed to the newer HTC One, the HTC 608t could possibly be rolled out with plastic instead of the aluminum casing as well.

HTC could be making a statement regarding future models which are released as well. The dual front facing Beats Audio speakers could become a staple to the HTC line of smartphones. Adverts are already pouring out highlighting the speakers and making quite a statement regarding the uniqueness of the newest HTC phone. These phones will make it possible to share music and video files like never before. Gone are the days of several people crowding around a phone trying to see and hear the action coming out of the speakers.

The leak regarding the 608t also claims the smartphone will carry a display spanning 4.5 inches and the Jelly Bean 4.1.2 operating system. Other features include a quad-core processor, 8 megapixel camera and 1GB of RAM. This phone, if it becomes a fixture to the HTC stable of phones, could add an affordable option to the mix of existing high quality phones offered by the company.

The HTC company offers several high quality devices for those looking for value in their investment. Calling it an investment suits any smartphone of today. Although many carriers offer special contracts for those willing to commit to a number of years of service, smartphones are not inexpensive. These are high tech machines which making business and personal communication on the run a possibility. In other words, to be without them throws a major wrench into a schedule. Don’t be left without a device for longer than necessary. Purchase gadget insurance the moment after purchasing that next high tech electronic device. No other purchase could be wiser and no other purchase will provide the peace of mind that gadget insurance can.