Alexa's best skills


Alexa’s best skills

Amazon’s Alexa and its smart home speakers have been around for some time, and the company has been working hard to ensure that the devices have all the top skills and integrations to provide users with the best experience.

The voice assistant helps to make our lives easier and more convenient, but what skills should you be using? Here’s a roundup of Alexa’s best skills:


Spotify isn’t the only music streaming service available on Echo devices, but it’s certainly one of the best – especially if you have a Spotify Premium account.

You can connect your account through the Alexa app and there are a whole host of commands to use to play music by a specific artist, decade, playlist or genre and you can queue up music as well. You can even hear Spotify’s recommendations for the week by saying “Alexa, play Discover Weekly from Spotify”.

The integration with the music streaming service is pretty good, so as long as you specify Spotify in the commands you should be good to go.


This colder weather has got us all thinking about holidays. Use Skyscanner to turn those daydreams into a reality.

According to T3, Skyscanner through Alexa is like talking to a robotic travel agent. You can’t actually book anything through Alexa but there are various commands to help you with your travel queries, from asking it to find you a flight from a specific airport on a specific date, to simply asking “where can I go this weekend?”

7-minute workout

Finding time to fit in a workout in your busy day can be hard. But you’ve got no excuses with this Alexa skill!

Alexa will take you through a 7-minute workout (simply say “Alexa, start 7-minute workout”) and will show pictures on the app on your phone to help you if you’re unsure about any of the exercises.


Wikipedia is a source of all knowledge, and it’s hard to imagine a time when it wasn’t around. From helping out with homework to providing us with information about our favourite celebs, the site is a go-to for many.

If you have any burning questions, Alexa can help. Say “Alexa, Wikipedia…” and follow this with a Wikipedia entry Echo will recognise, such as “Jennifer Lawrence” or “NASA”.

Alexa will then read out an introductory snippet but you can hear more by asking “Alexa, read more”.

Find more skills

Keep on top of all Alexa’s latest skills and latest integrations with Skill Finder. Find out the skill of the day by saying “Alexa, tell Skill Finder to give me skill of the day” or get skills for specific categories by asking “Alexa, tell Skill Finder to list the top skills in the music category”.

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