Angry Birds – The Evolution of the Franchise

Unless you have been disconnected from the Internet for the last month, you will definitely be aware that Angry Birds, the highly addictive game for Smartphones that debuted in 2009 has been made into a Movie! Creatively named ‘The Angry Birds Movie’.

Needless to say the rise of ‘Angry Birds’ has been mahoosive. Here we take a look at the sheer scale of the beast which is undoubtedly one of the all time great app stories.

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The Sky is the limit for the Angry Birds brand. Image: Giphy


The first ‘Angry Birds’ game was released in 2009 which involves catapulting Birds with different skills (some Boomerang) into the Pigs’ fortresses. This formula was an instant hit and got Smartphone users tapping away trying to progress to the next level. “Just one more go”.

Since this initial release 12 titles have followed with some being set in different Worlds, such as ‘Angry Birds Star Wars’. And of course you can’t forget 3 Spin-offs and one Console compilation.

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Television and Media

3 Seasons of ‘Angry Birds Toons’ can be watched across the globe On-Demand and on DVD. National Geographic also produced a documentary series about the ‘Real Angry Birds’ of the wild which premièred last year.

As mentioned above ‘The Angry Birds Movie’ has now been released worldwide and is animated by Sony Pictures Imageworks. (And FYI, its a good film!)

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Plush Toys, Clothing, Board Games, Hot Wheels Cars, Snacks and Cookbooks to name a few, really hit home the popularity of the brand. Did you know over 10 Million Angry Birds Toys have been sold to date?

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Theme Parks

Yes you read that right, you can visit Angry Birds Land in Finland, a special themed Area at Thorpe Park and other special areas in Malaysia and China.

We think that covers everything… what a journey for the brand that started off life as Smartphone App. If you’ve never dabbled in a bit of Angry Birds action, it is well worth downloading a game to give it a try. You won’t be disappointed.

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Now, I hope you don’t mind me dashing. I’m off to build an app that will blossom into a mega million dollar success… I wish.