Apple picking continues to be a major problem not just in the UK, but in the US as well. The term has been coined through many highly sought after Apple products being targeted for theft while owners are busy distracted by other things. The thefts typically take place whilst owners are out in the middle of public life, paying attention to their own business. Thieves notice the pads or laptops or smartphones hanging out of bags or jacket pockets and then make their move. One minute the owners are standing around minding their own business, and the next their Apple gadget is being hauled away by an opportunistic no-gooder.

Apple is making an attempt to put a halt to so many of the gadgets being picked. They are focusing on the iPhone for starters. The company has now developed a kill switch update for the iPhones in an attempt to make them less attractive to robbers. The update was announced by Apple last week during the WWDC, Worldwide Developer’s Conference, which was held in San Francisco. The kill switch makes the iPhone inoperable to anyone who has stolen the device.

The development of the kill switch was prompted by law enforcement reporting to the company the vast number of incidents of theft of the popular iPhone gadget. Along with theft, the possibility of accidental damage is never far behind for iPhones and other electronic gadgets. Gadget insurance is the best, most effective way to protect any electronic gadget from theft and damage. Gadget cover is easy to obtain and can be researched online. The cost is quite affordable as well. For just a few pounds per month, electronic gadgets can be protected by gadget insurance. Payment has been streamlined as well. The monthly payment can easily be withdrawn from a bank account without lifting a finger.–