The handheld tablet has become a staple on the global stage and that will not change anytime soon. No other brand name has made such an impact as Apple. The iPad was introduced several years ago and since then many versions of the high tech device have hit the shelves. The iPad features the iOS operating system. This operating system revolutionized the Apple tablet style device by making the use of apps possible and thus circumventing the use of software.

Now Apple finds itself in unique territory. Competitors like Amazon’s Kindle and Google’s Nexus are making it anything but a walk in the park for the fruit named behemoth. These competitors utilize a different operating system called Android. The Android operating system is being installed in other devices as well and is giving Apple a serious run for their money.

In the UK alone, the Apple iPad has lost at least 10% market share over the course of the last twelve months. According to YouGov, Apple market share for the iPad has fallen from 73% to 63%. The slide can be attributed to the options the typical user has in other tablets. The Kindle, Nexus, and now Samsung are making significant strides in catching up to the iPad popularity. No other company has brand recognition like Apple and that has been a hurdle in itself. Now, users are discovering the functionality of other devices and realizing the iPad is not the only choice on the shelf.

John Gilbert, consulting director of YouGov, commented on the competition which now resides within the tablet market and how new competitors are constantly infiltrating the scene. He said: “With a growing market, greater competition and falling prices, Apple was bound to lose some share. However, it is not simply a matter of inexpensive products flooding the market. It seems that Apple no longer has a monopoly on the premium share as other brands emerge with near-equal satisfaction scores. Given the market’s current expectations and considerations in purchasing tablets, we anticipate Apple to lose additional share throughout the coming year to Samsung, Google and Amazon.”

Tablets, smartphones and laptops are electronic devices which are now part of our lives like the morning cup of coffee or tea. We have arrived at a point in time that checking e-mail and Skyping and texting are so second nature that picking up the phone to ring someone feels a little awkward. These electronic devices are now high tech machines which power us through the day and night. They are no longer thought of as weak, slow machines which are only looked at as a second option to making something possible. They are viewed as invaluable appendages to our visual, creative and communicative sides. Many would say their devices are never to be left at home.

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