Smartphones have come of age and are now the envy of everyone’s eye that carries a communication device with them. Few public places can be visited now without seeing several users making the most of the amazing device. Whether they are making a phone call, devising a new work flow issue at work, or simply sending an e-mail, smartphone users are taking their handsets out and about and using them in public like never before. Smartphones continue to become more affordable as the amount of new models hit the market. The big names on the market are still leaders in sales volume, but the lesser known makers are creating opportunities for many to own one who previously did not before. These devices are perfect items to be protected by gadget insurance. At the time of purchase, considering a gadget insurance policy would be a wise endeavor.

While searching for a new smartphone, think about what the device will be used for primarily. Two smartphones on the market currently outselling other models are from Apple and Samsung. The models are the Apple iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S4. These two models are leading the way as far as high tech goes, and they are consequently outselling other models on the global stage. These two models also are typically the focus of many debates for overall superiority. To compare the two phones in the simplest way, one must look at the reliability factor, results of drop tests and ease of use.

In the ease of use category, iPhone seems to have more favorable factors than the Samsung. The iPhone is smaller, so fitting it in the hand and working with it is easier. Although the screen size on the Samsung is bigger, apps and software is easier to navigate through, tipping the scale towards the iPhone. Also, the iPhone has now been on the market for several years, making it more familiar to the majority of its users. Overall ease of use goes to the iPhone 5.

The iPhone also makes a strong argument when it comes to reliability and drop tests. The iPhone is well known not only for its strong points, but also its familiar glitches which have made their way into well-known media sources. The Samsung performs well when compared head to head, but when the two phones are compared in drop tests different results surfaced. The iPhone was overall more successful when dropped. The iPhone should be considered if the phone is going to have to take a bruising each day.

The Samsung is faster than the iPhone and has a crisper screen. Watching movies and viewing photos are two strong points when considering the Samsung compared with the Apple. The Samsung seems to be the better choice when using the phone more as an entertaining device than a communication tool.

The two phones are both high quality devices and many users later, the proof is in the use of the device. Be smart. Protect both of these devices when purchasing either one of them with gadget insurance. It is affordable, simple to pay for and can be obtained online at any time of day or night.–