The Apple iPhone has become part of the cultural lexicon like MTV did in the early 80s and the Walkman did not long after that. We are constantly bombarded with news and possible release dates of the next iPhone and it quickly becomes tomorrow’s chat in the office around the water fountain. Not only does the hype catch the attention of all iPhone owners, but also all those who are just looking on in curiosity. Apple has met a significant competitor in the Samsung Galaxy line of phones lately, but the Apple loyalists are keeping the brand name strong around the globe. The last iPhone which was released was the iPhone 5.

The newest and revised edition of the iPhone 5 is the 5S and its release date so far is basically a mystery. Several rumors have circulated around the internet and the release date has been reported in a wide range. Reports have been released that the unveiling of the 5S could be as early as the end of summer this year. Others have timed the release around the middle of fall.

Regardless of exactly when the release date, some rumors have surfaced that the one big improvement to the 5 is a souped up camera, at 13 megapixels. Other features which have been improved could be the OS as iOS7 has been heavily talked up. The other possible feature to be enhanced is the display, but only slightly due to a new material being used.

So, we all must wait and see, like many other newly released Apple products. Whenever the release, we will all watch and see the response, both from the public and the stock price.

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