Apple is locked in a wicked fight over smartphone supremacy with Samsung and the Galaxy line. The two firms have been trading the top spot for a couple years now and the fight seems to continue. While the Samsung S4 is still fairly new to the market still, news of the Apple iPhone 6 is making the rounds. Preliminary news of the iPhone 6 making the shelves has it pegged for the first quarter of next year. Rumors also have been swirling that the new iPhone will have a 4.8 inch display.

Citi Research has recently commented on the iPhone 6 release, saying: “A new report today is citing a note by Citi Research saying that Apple will launch an iPhone with 4.8-inch screen next year. Contrary to Apple’s traditional iPhone events held in September, Citi’s note says that the larger iPhone design is being scheduled to debut in Q1 2014.”

Other rumors regarding iPhone 6 and others include a possible less expensive iPhone being released before the iPhone 5S. Apple is attempting to grab more of the market by offering a phone which sits at a lower price point than the traditional iPhones. The phones will simply be a scaled down version of the typical iPhone.

The iPhone 5S is estimated to come out in a few months and offer an updated version of the iPhone 5. The Samsung S4 is still considered a hot item and is expected to maintain its position compared with the iPhone 5.

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