Apple released the iPhone 5 last year with favorable reviews. The phone so far has performed well for its users with few negative remarks at all. Since the fall of 2012, the company has been subject to more competition and declining sales surrounding the iPhone 5. Samsung and their Galaxy line of phones has stepped up their game and given Apple all it can handle in regard to percentage of global market share. This heated competition has not only made Apple look to improve on its next release, but also increased the amount of high tech prowess the next models offer from any company. Apple has made quite an effort with the iPhone 5S which will be released early this summer, earlier than once expected. This smartphone is similar to other handsets when the issue of possible damage and theft are brought up. The one smart way to protect phones of this nature is to cover them with reliable gadget insurance.

The next Apple iPhone is already being reviewed for its improvements or lack of and new features. Those within the industry are voraciously trying to uncover all its new perks and flaws. Early speculation from some pundits is positive and many current users are chomping at the bit to get their hands on the newest Apple creation. Improvements being discussed so far regarding the phone include the addition of a faster processor and new software. A better camera is also part of the rumor mill prior to the release.

Not only is the current smartphone market abuzz over the next Apple release, but also talk of a discounted model iPhone continues to surface. The possible lower priced model from Apple has been estimated to possibly hit the shelves by the Autumn of this year.

Smartphones, tablets and laptops have become part of the public working landscape like no other time in history. Few public places to eat or grab a coffee can be visited now without seeing busy people feverishly working away on some kind of small electronic device. These devices are now powerful enough and fast enough to be completely portable ways to bring the office to any space available, public or not. Business is now being conducted in coffee shoppes, deli shoppes, and fast food restaurants. It is quite uncommon now for Wi-Fi to not be a part of the dining experience in many small eateries. This is an easy way for restaurants to economically bring in more traffic and ultimately make bigger sales.

Making electronic devices mobile offers many benefits to their users. Time can now be spent on projects whenever and wherever they can be connected to the internet. Although this exponentially increases the amount of productivity possible, it also exposes these devices to elements which can be harmful and end up causing damage. Accidents are going to happen. They are going to be completely unpredictable and happen at the least opportune time. Protect all electronic devices with reliable gadget insurance and down time from any device will never be an issue.–